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Birthday party!

It’s my 58th birthday do in The Fox, Shipley, West Yorkshire on Friday 12th May from 6 p.m. Excellent beers, wine, gins, whiskies, etc. Brilliant DJ (no cheesy music as we got to see the best bands). Free food. Everybody welcome.




SQL developer immediately available for a new gig

Contracting, while sometimes challenging, can be so rewarding.

I find myself celebrating with a beer at North Parade Street Festival in Bradford at the end of a contract with the Royal Bank of Scotland and thus looking for pastures new.

If anyone needs a SQL developer immediately, pass it on (use the form below)!

Lazy skiver
John Rickatson enjoying a beer at the end of a long contract

I love contracting – it’s not like having a real job

Need a holiday
We need another holiday

My contract was extended until April 2016 so I must have been doing doing something right.

The nagging thought at the back of my mind – was I settling into a rut?

I had not done any training for ages – so it was time to fix that and do some Microsoft Accreditations in SQL 2012.

All I needed to do was set up 4 virtual servers under Hyper-V and while I was at it I decided to upgrade 2 physical servers to Windows Server 2012 and 5 clients to Windows 10.

Then I needed to set up SQL Server 2012 and yes, of course, all the security patches needed updating network wide and as luck would have it I needed some new AV software for the servers and then my backup software needed upgrading and coincidentally the Windows Firewall was blocking ports and just to cap it all my printer wasn’t supported in Windows 10.

No problem, really –  but this did take up about 2 weeks in the evenings.

Then on Wednesday Virgin broadband died for a day and Crin (@crinber  – my lovely wife) was not best pleased that she had no Internet and could not play on her new phone.

Crin sticks her nose in...
My missus, Crin ( @crinber ) sticks her nose in…

So I got to work.

Virgin engineers fixed their problem on Thursday and I refreshed the hub and my router.

However, on rebooting, my secondary DNS, DHCP and Domain Controller server had the wrong IP address (which caused me to scratch my head as it was a static IP reserved in DHCP) so I had  still lost the network and Internet access.

No worries – I would fix it that night and bring the network back online for the weekend so I have remote access through LogMeIn.

On Friday and after much buggeration it turned out that the Virtual Switch had swapped NIC’s on the server running Hyper-V  thus disabling both cards (a bug I think, Microsoft).

Switching them back solved the entire issue and now I have a shiny new network.

Now I could start training in my “spare” time!

Junior Microsoft .NET Developer required

Have you just left college or sixth form with A-levels?

Are you a Microsoft .NET developer looking for a long term career?

I can vouch for Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) as a very friendly, great place to work as I am currently contracting there.

They are based in Kearsley near Manchester on Europa Way, M26 1GG

They are recruiting now! See and email your CV to

TechNet subscriptions will be retired without a proper alternative. Sign the petition !

As you might have already read by now, TechNet subscriptions are going to disappear. For more info take a look at this blog post and the Subscriptions retirement FAQ.

The most important stuff:

  • TechNet Subscription are sold through the TechNet Subscriptions website until August 31, 2013.
  • Subscribers may activate purchased subscriptions through September 30, 2013.
  • The TechNet benefits portal and the subscriber downloads page will remain available for non-Volume Licensing subscribers through September 30, 2014.
  • Alternatives mentioned by Microsoft are:
    • MSDN subscriptions
    • Windows Azure.
    • Technet Evaluations (time limited).
    • Technet Virtual Labs.

I personally think this is not a good way to go because the TechNet software is used by many people to increase their skills (often even for a large part in their own time).  Microsoft products can add even more valuable for companies. Making it harder to get the required software and to keep it running for a longer time will probably scare people away or it will steer them towards hacked/cracked versions.

Basically if you want to have access to non time limited versions of enterprise products of Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint, System Center, etc. you need to take a MSDN subscription. Currently I’m paying for TechNet Pro myself and I will take a Technet Subscription for this last year. I hope that Microsoft will have come to its senses by then and has provided a proper alternative. For now I would like to ask everyone that feels the same to sign the petition to get a decent TechNet alternative.

The Fox approved in Shipley

A planning application has been approved for a new cafe / bar restaurant called The Fox near Fox Corner in Shipley, West Yorkshire. 

My friend Chris Bee famously of *Salamander Brewery* (apologies Saltaire) is behind it so we are expecting great things.

I still think he should have called it “Hog Inn – the bar” (geddit?)

@foxshipley #TheFox #Fox #FoxShipley @Keith
Wildman @deadbloke  @TheShipleyPride   #JohnnyReaction

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Goodbye and Good Luck


Today is my last day at Mitchell Farrar!

On Monday, July 29th, 2013 I start a very lucrative, exciting new business as an IT contractor.

I have to say it has been a pleasure to work with such a lovely bunch of people and I hope to meet you all again.

Best of luck for the future.

Contact details: – High Ideals Limited – my new business

@HighIdealsUK – Twitter – my home email

@JohnnyReaction – Twitter

Websites: (coming soon)

You can also find me on Facebook but mostly in my local “The Shipley Pride” with a pint of Taylor’s.



John Rickatson

EX Senior Database Administrator & BI Analyst


New job

Blessed relief.. at last I am enjoying a week off after working as part of a team on a data migration and rollout of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Insight UK.

I personally clocked up ninety two hours of overtime during two weeks of being “on call” as the only DBA in UK due to the rollout falling on my boss’s prebooked (and well deserved) holiday.

For over two years I have been spending three hours a day commuting on Yorkshire’s congested motorways with all the attendant stress and escalating fuel costs.

However, from next week I  start working locally for the Mitchell Farrar Group as “Lead SQL Developer/Administrator and Business Intelligence Analyst”.

Whilst I know this will be challenging I am very much looking forward to it – just after the break, that’s all!

There’s a little surprise booked for my wife:  dinner, wine, bed and breakfast in the “Chocolate Room” at The Wensleydale Heifer which is a fine boutique hotel and restaurant in the Yorkshire Dales.

Somewhere in Italy

Visual Studio 2008 installation alongside Visual Studio 2005

JohnnyReaction back from the pub
JohnnyReaction back from the pub

This was hell; it repeatedly failed for no obvious reason and the error messages were not very helpful.

After much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, my solution was to uninstall the following manually in this order (Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs):

  1. MS Office (yes, I know!)
  2. SQL 2008 MS Visual Studio Shell
  3. MS Visual Project Aggregator2 (see 1 above)
  4. MS Document Explorer 2008
  5. MS Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 SP1
  6. MS SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 ENU
  7. MS SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 Query Tools ENU
  8.  MS SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1
  9. MS.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Then I ran a tool called MS  Visual Studio Uninstall Betas, this file is called vs_uninst_betas.exe, currently available at

Then the VS Studio 2008 install just worked, like it should have done in the first place.

Why can’t Microsoft have an installation routine which optionally removes any blockages first?

You now have Bill Gates’ permission to reinstall any software you still need from the list above.


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I have to be at my desk 50 miles away at 9.


We need a break and it’s coming up to our 25th wedding anniversary – so looking forward to the holidays!

I have booked a few days in Herefordshire and Market Bosworth doing what we like to do best, eating and drinking.

We might even attempt a couple of walks in the countryside.

The pub beckons

Is it me?
Is it me?

So, once again we reach Friday night. It’s my wedding anniversary, too , on the 15th and I haven’t yet booked a restaurant. I have to finish the decorating, strip down, clean and restring my new electric guitar, put all my tools in the loft, build a new PC, clean the cars and tidy up the garden. Oh yes and learn SQL 2005 /2008 and Business Intelligence. Yep – and build a website. Oh, and balance the books. What shall I do with all my spare time, then?

Drinking Games

When “rat arsed” why not try the “eggy weggy challenge” at the Shipley Pride?

After severalteen pints of Westons cider I love to play.

This is the rapid race to consume  three pickled eggs of varying ferocity (we have “vicious”, “suicide” and “dragon’s” eggs, the latter prepared with hot peppers)  speared with a pepperami stick (the black ones out of the fire safe – the hotter the better). 

Then quaff another pint or ten without hurling.

What fun.

I’m twelve.

SSIS Incremental Load Conditional Split Transformation Editor Script for Changed Rows

This script assists with the creation of the Conditional Split “Changed Rows” conditional expression for an incremental load in SSIS packages.

Simply copy and paste the output.

I must admit that I unashamedly copied the original script from  David R Buckingham (many thanks) on and here’s the link to the original).

However, here I modified it to deal with multiple datatypes since editing and debugging in the “Conditional Split Transformation Editor” needs much improvement.

This script assists with the creation of the Conditional Split “Changed Rows” condition
— be sure your results aren’t being truncated when you have a table with many columns
USE master

DECLARE @Filter varchar(max)

SET @Filter = ”

SELECT @Filter = @Filter + ‘((ISNULL(‘ + c.[name] + ‘)?’+
CASE WHEN c.system_type_id IN (35,104,167,175,231,239,241) THEN ‘””‘
  WHEN c.system_type_id IN (58,61) THEN ‘(DT_DBTIMESTAMP)”1900-01-01″‘
  ELSE ‘0’ END
+ ‘:’ + c.[name] + ‘)!=(ISNULL(Dest_’ + c.[name] + ‘)?’ +
CASE WHEN c.system_type_id IN (35,104,167,175,231,239,241) THEN ‘””‘
  WHEN c.system_type_id IN (58,61) THEN ‘(DT_DBTIMESTAMP)”1900-01-01″‘
  ELSE ‘0’ END
+’:Dest_’ + c.[name] + ‘)) || ‘
FROM sys.tables t
INNER JOIN sys.columns c
ON t.[object_id] = c.[object_id]
WHERE SCHEMA_NAME( t.[schema_id] ) = ‘dbo’ — enter tour schema name here
AND t.[name] = ‘MyTable’ — enter your table name here
AND c.[is_identity] = 0
AND c.[is_rowguidcol] = 0

SET @Filter = LEFT(@Filter, (LEN(@Filter) – 2))

SELECT @Filter

— c.*
— sys.tables t
— sys.columns c
— ON t.[object_id] = c.[object_id]
— SCHEMA_NAME( t.[schema_id] ) = ‘dbo’
–AND t.[name] = ‘DimUPRTable’
–AND c.[is_identity] = 0
–AND c.[is_rowguidcol] = 0

— AS [Schema]
— , AS [Table]
— , AS [Column]
— ,CASE WHEN columns.system_type_id = 34   
—   THEN ‘byte[]’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 35   
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 36   
—   THEN ‘System.Guid’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 48   
—   THEN ‘byte’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 52   
—   THEN ‘short’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 56   
—   THEN ‘int’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 58   
—   THEN ‘System.DateTime’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 59   
—   THEN ‘float’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 60   
—   THEN ‘decimal’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 61   
—   THEN ‘System.DateTime’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 62   
—   THEN ‘double’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 98   
—   THEN ‘object’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 99   
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 104  
—   THEN ‘bool’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 106  
—   THEN ‘decimal’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 108  
—   THEN ‘decimal’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 122  
—   THEN ‘decimal’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 127  
—   THEN ‘long’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 165  
—   THEN ‘byte[]’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 167  
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 173  
—   THEN ‘byte[]’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 175  
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 189  
—   THEN ‘long’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 231  
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 239  
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 241  
—   THEN ‘string’            
—   WHEN columns.system_type_id = 241  
—   THEN ‘string’        
—   END AS [Type]
—  ,columns.is_nullable AS [Nullable]
— sys.tables tables   
— sys.schemas schemas
–ON (tables.schema_id = schemas.schema_id )   
— sys.columns columns
–ON (columns.object_id = tables.object_id) 
— <> ‘sysdiagrams’
— AND <> ‘dtproperties’
—  [Schema]
— ,[Table]
— ,[Column]
— ,[Type]

A Refreshing Change

Happy days!

I am so very much enjoying my new role as a SQL DBA at Insight UK

This company is really switched on and very responsive. 

Immediately I am involved with SQL 200o, 2005, 2008 and a Business Intelligence project!

Plus I have all the software and system resources I need to do my job and all my connections use a single logon.

What a refreshing change!

JohnnyReactions Blog

Here’s a nice gotcha – someone had limited the maxsize of the tempdb and it had filled up the available space so everyone was receiving the following error:

And here’s the quick and dirty fix:



This at least allowed us to continue working  – ensure you have a lot of disk space so it doesn’t fill up entirely!

Microsoft Update and KB960082

Microsoft Update and KB960082 generally fails for Windows Server 2003 boxes and mine were no exception.

MS have a few “solutions” which entail manually running the fix in a command prompt, however they are full of inaccuracies and caused me endless hours of fun. 

I think MS is a joke for issuing an Automatic Update which doesn’t , erm, automatically update…

Here’s the link to the MS update with its “known issues”: 

At last I fixed the thing!

Add a comment or email  for the corrected method.

How to non-destructively convert dynamic disks to basic disks


Never use dynamic disks on a server if you will need to resize the partitions later as most software (at least the stuff I can afford) will not do it. To convert back to basic disks the Microsoft way is a real pain so this link is a life saver:

SQL 2005 Reporting Services fixed


I wasted all weekend reinstalling Reporting Servers 2005 on Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise with no luck –  then this morning I did something in ten minutes to make it all work again.

Great! I guess I should attribute this to the power of REM sleep according to

Now I can go back to studying for the  exam I have been postponing  (70-445 MS SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence-Implementation & Maintenance).

SQL 2005 Reporting Services is broken by Windows 2003 Server upgrade

I have just upgraded my Active Directory Domain from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 servers , hurrah!

One of the servers is running SQL 2005 Reporting Services and now I find that the Report Server is unavailable to my browser clients.

This is apparently something to do with the way IIS 6.0 uses Application Pools, so now I have to go and research that.

This should have been pointed out on the Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Advisor Tool.

Thanks, once again, Microsoft for your sterling efforts.

A Database Developer’s lot is (sometimes) not a happy one

Times is ‘ard 

Why is it that people will engage you for your expertise at great expense then proceed to ignore your advice?

I guess that in these difficult economic times everyone is trying to pour a quart into a pint pot.

Well, sometimes you are better off spending a bit of money now to save you a great deal more later on!